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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ethiopia and kenya

when dr ranga told me about icog hub out of ethiopia last week it was just about the best news for and by youth that I had ever heard of apart from one or two open space discussion young chinese ladies have started up at tsinghua etc

i would love to know if there are any ways to collaborate - for example around dc where i live jayfus juxtopia trains supercoders including blockchainers as well as uniting youth teams pitching for xlearnings biggest prizes

I aim to design a blog which becomes an association of citizens mostly under 30 leading how blockchain changes every future of education and development - if you know anyone who would like to co-edit that blog please say

dec 9
timelines get very urgent with ranga in kenya on dec 9 - one question is do any of us know someone highly connected in ushahidi and ihub nairobi - i have to assume they will help blockchain the future if only because they are pivotal to hackathons by and for youth and sustain themselves through hubbing open source software

chris macrae (foundation) washington dc 240 316 8157

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