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Friday, May 1, 2015

philippines leads reproting of world bank spring 2015 meetups

Reporting fromEconomistAsia.net : Thank goodness for every way Pope Francis can twin Philippines -an asian country with media age 23,5 and Italy one of oldest countries median age vear 43. Bravo Pabsy for your 7th graders curriculum of Jim kim ending poverty, buit please do a video on POP at the earliest
Breaking the Pabsy Curriculum of what the world bank does
Spring15 day 1 and facebook Kim
Jim Kim's GII Curiculum launched
Philippino Pabsy world ban for 7th graders and their teachers wrld ban live
 question from JournalistsforHumanity and YunusCIty do you now a pro-youth journalist connecting places with a sustainable future
eg philippines Pabsy connecting philippines. DC , youthworldbanking through such value multiplying mindsets as as POP (Preferential Option POOR) and GII

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