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Monday, May 4, 2015

Ann Dunham Updates (Sustaining Indonesia)

Late last year the Ann Dunham movie (Obama Mama) came out - i haven't seen it yet- its part of complexity of film distribution that its licensed for festivals  but not for eg student public shows- presumably once it does that it can't ever get released as new through cinemas

anyhow whats got me excited all over again to explore if ann was one of the real pioneers replicating the original bangladeshi purpose of microcredit networking is a freakonomics interview (transcript) with world bank president Jim Kim (I am a kim groupie see what at KimUniversity.com and JimKim,info if you dont know his quarter centurys as the secend most dedicated public health servant for the poor in living memory). Paul Farmer being top of that heroes list
At this interview kim retells the job interview for the world bank that Obama conducted- obama says something like: I want you but can you tell me what I should say to congress to get them on side of the nomination -what if they say you only know about health not world banking for development?

To which kim says, apart from being a refugee from North Korea and so naturally passionate about development, - have you read your mothers thesis on economic development of Indonesian villages

To which Obama says something like: yes but I have not many people in US who have. Kim confesses to having done so many years ago. (Its one of his amazing double acts- practitioner of Preferential Option for Poor (living eg in slums of Peru to work out a solution to ending outbreaks of drug resistant tuberculosis) and likely to have read more diverse sources on development than anyone in DC)

So I now need to confess I am only just starting to read up about Ann Dunham passion to help Indonesia

Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia I hope to have plenty to report back soon- by coincidence three quarters of my family tree have lifelong experiences of asia but my start there started in Indonesia in 1984 - over the next 6 years Unilever commissioned me to report dozens of projects across Asia on the differences between what societies most desperately wanted and what multinational global new product factories preferred to sell It was the second most unforgettable action learning of my lifetime- the first was being involved with a uk version of khan academy in 1972 which caused my father to spend the rest of his life asking the questions the net generation might need to be asked of the biggest leaders ii sustainability is to be our orbit for 2030now  www.erworld.tv www.economistamerica.com www.economistasia.net

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