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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 is a space tracking whether President Obama will have impacts on USAID congruent to his mothers

1981 to 1995 -(32 to 64 times more on worldwide communications than 1946)
Book by Ann Dunham on microfranchises designed to save 5 villagers cottage industries across indonesia
-Economist Dunham -at interview headhunting Kim for world bank 2012

 when you think of grameen microcredit outside of bangaldesh and before grameen phone- Nesia seems to be the main region that found ways of replicating Yunus commands

- eg Indonesia dunham (dircetor of yunus movie decides dunham's story is more valuable for millennials) and dunham at womenworldbanking;

 philippines and coop microcredit banking

2009-2016 1000 times more on worldwide communications

OBAMA AID 2.1 advanced search here:
2015 Millennium Goals And All That -who's mapping them - women.convergences2015.org
The Economist's 40 years of constructs on abundant economics of net generation : Gross World Product .... Post-Industrial ... Entrepreneurial Revolution . 2013 is 170th anniversary of The Economist launch to end hunger by mediating economists and decision makers- IDEAS wanted - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk what celebratory brochure can we publish for circulation during Yunus Congress Gold Medal testimony in washington DC