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Monday, December 8, 2008

women entrepreneurship worldwide

Dateline 2008 and earlier are on women entrepreneurship worldwide not specific to nesia- this entry is actually from december diary of 2012

DC club acronym Womens Leadership Small Medium Enterprise wlsme network leads todate - november meeting linked me to first meeting family member of segal foundation (during fundraiser in mali embassy DC for orphanage of www.acfacorp.org led by redoutable Kadiatou Satibe - big question -what if orphanage hubs are the next great job creation networks? (margin notes - discuss with ingrid munro at jamii bora and peter ryan of microloan foundation and taddy blecher of free university)

suddenly got 10 times more understanding of segal foundation when i found they were sponsoring mit100k emerging markets track that i was helping to judge 4 december- about 15 of the 33 of these hottest ideas of mit students applied to africa, and about 10 had specific implications for womens entrepreneurship - the hottest ones will be discussed with sir fazle abed at brac and yunus at grameen oncefemale  student ceo of preferred mit100k explains preferred discussion roots

december meeting : *** value chain insight is critical at all levels but needs to go very deep to understand cultural reconciliation **for example at jordanian level - identify sector value chains where there is a great womens enterprise or you believe there needs to be- work out how that franchise works- ask the originator to help other women replicate it with direct training; but if you then consider the deeper context of supporting 1200000 self-employed women entrepreneurs in  pakistan you need to link together a combination of grassroots value chains- bank, own community market, own knowledge hub, schooling, nursing and barefoot layers bureaus being 7 Bangladesh need to physically network around women before she could also get social business networking with mobile phones

Friday, November 14, 2008

help us make a list of women at mit (the number 1 job creating alumn net) who are connecting massive job creation

Alice Francis — @aliceefrancis – An MIT Sloan MBA Candidate, Francis is also the managing director of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Beyond being a self-proclaimed “gravitational wave and photon enthusiast,” why wouldn’t you want to be friends with someone who helps dole out $100K worth of cash?

Building a better world

From fuel cells to bamboo, and from Tanzania to Brazil, MIT senior Arfa Aijazi crosses borders and disciplines to make an impact. Jessica Fujimori, MIT News correspondent
background- many of yunus friends in glasgow have been helping link together village nursing colleges we believe theres a shortage of tens of millions of good jobs for girls in community healthcare
this is a postcard we copublished with yunus

when microcredit began in 1970s bangladesh not about monetising individual exchanges - it was about maximising hi-trust community impacts

will americans wake up in time to crisis of old men at top of superpower systems being least capable to superempower girls brilliance?

what if once a year all washington dc (including unis) truly celebrated youth's most urgent collab ideas commiting resources to end silos

have you ever come across more exciting batch of 75 collaboration entrepreneur ideas than these